Why homeschool?

Recently I was asked, “why do you homeschool?”  What a loaded question!  And this was coming from a fellow-homeschooling mother.  My response, “you name it and that is why we do it!”  I am finding the longer we homeschool and learn of our local educational system, the more reasons to confirm homeschooling is the right choice for us.  First of all, I desire to teach my children.  Which, I am understanding, is a completely foreign desire. Secondly, you cannot beat a tailor-made, individualized education meant just for the hearer.  You can adapt almost immediately to the needs of the student.  For instance, my daughter may not be understanding place value as evidenced by the way she is answering my questions.  I can immediately adjust my teaching accordingly.  Perhaps, I can make a better visual representation of what I’m describing.  The third reason for homeschooling is the control of content.  We can teach freely that God is the creator of all things.  We can make sure that our children remain innocent or naive in what is evil. 

This year we have decided to go with My Father’s World as our base curriculum. We are doing Adventures in My Father’s World.  We love it!  We are learning so much and having fun in the process!


Meet my family

Rob and Christy Aug 09 001This is my husband, Rob.  We met the fall of 1996 at work.  I  was a new nurse orienting to different departments at the time.  I actually woke up late on this particular day and was running late to work.  When I arrived at work I was told that I needed to go to the Cath Lab where he was my preceptor.  Through the day his friend, Megan, said we should date.  Well I guess he took the hint, because a week later he asked me out.  On our first date we discovered we were both christians and I guess the rest is history!  We were married 19 months later.

January 2002 we moved to Columbia, SC so Rob could pursue professional golf.  Apparently, the Lord had other plans for our lives because a year later we had our first child and Rob took a job with Endocardial Solutions that brought us to Charlotte, NC.Kayla and Annabelle 001

Here are my kiddos.  Kayla is 6 years old and always full of energy!  She loves to ride her bike and scooter, swim, and dance.  Annabelle is 2 years old and can hold her own in her gentile way.  She also loves to ride her bike with training wheels and imitate all that is around her!